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About Eurogarage



EUROGARAGE: a unique workshop formula for passenger cars!

At an EUROGARAGE service point, your car is in professional and skilled hands! An EUROGARAGE workshop provides service according to an innovative, yet proven method. Because EUROGARAGE has an international network at its disposal, we can provide worldwide coverage available to all car owners. Whether you break down in France, Turkey or Brazil, you will always find an EUROGARAGE to offer you support to get you back on the road whenever and wherever you are. In need of roadside assistance or recovery? Contact your local EUROGARAGE center!

Are you a passenger car owner looking for a servicepoint that can provide specific maintenance? Do you need breakdown coverage? Do you want quick, roadside assistance? Currently, EUROGARAGE has over 4000 service points worldwide who actively provide professional and technical assistance. They can provide support for every kind of service your car requires!