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Rating: Published on 28 August 2015 by: LaŽtitia Baoka 7418 times read

EuroTaller Network, the largest multiservice network of independent workshops in the world, is proud to present a new member: EuroTaller Mitsumovil located in Av Ramon Arias First Street, Panama City, and Panama. EuroTaller Mistumovil was inaugurated on Saturday August 15th 2015.

The opening ceremony was chaired by the shop owners, Mr. Hector Tangarife and Mrs. Yency Martinez, who offered welcoming and thankful words to all the attendees.

All workshops associated with EuroTaller offer the best service to its customers, from quick maintenance to advanced electro mechanics, solving any problem with all the guarantees.

These and many more reasons are the basis for choosing EuroTaller.

If you have the opportunity to visit Panama, do not miss the chance to visit EuroTaller Mitsumovil.